Safety Tips

1. General

We are highly focused on the security and can solve any issues in short-terms. That’s why we ask you, kindly leave a review after purchasing. If you run into any problems with a seller, you can report to us and Foodstof Team will check this seller as soon as possible.

2. Personal safety tips.

- Chat seller to confirm product availability
- Chat seller to confirm Delivery Coverage
- Confirm delivery time
- Where you are unsure of the genuineness of the seller, buyer and the authenticity of the product you can use the Foodstof escrow option for your safety after adding to cart.  

-when you are not using Foodstof escrow option, kindly ensure you collect your items before payment.
- Parties should always keep chat/conversation and pictures exchanged for the purpose dispute if any.

3. Secure payments.

Foodstof provides Premium Services for those who want to sell and earn more. We accept both online and offline payments for these services. We guarantee secure and reliable payments on Foodstof.

Sell like a pro!

1. Pay attention to the details.

Make good photos of your goods, write clear and detailed description.

2. Answer quickly.

Don’t make your buyer wait for your message for days. Be online or get SMS notifications on your messages.

3. Use our Subscriptionpackages to get 10x more customers!

Your adverts will appear at the top of the page and you will sell faster!